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peony pendant

Warm Finishes

Radiating a warm and shimmering beauty, these golden finishes imbue fixtures with timeless sophistication. Classically bright, they bring a note of luxury to contemporary interiors.

Non-Living Aged Brass
Living Aged Brass
Patina Brass
Gold Leaf
Vintage Gold Leaf

Cool Finishes

Sophisticated and versatile, these lustrous silver finishes heighten the beauty of both traditional and modern fixtures. The timeless appearance and durable quality lend an air of lasting elegance to any space.

Polished Nickel
Warm Silver Leaf
Satin Nickel
Historic Nickel

Dark Finishes

Bringing drama to any fixture, these dark finishes create a powerful statement. From industrial to old world, they embody a depth of character while providing timeless appeal.

Old Bronze
Soft Black
Slate Blue
Black Brass

White Finishes

Our white finishes redefine simplicity with subtle style. A breath of fresh air, their minimalist chic aesthetic lets the design of each fixture shine.

Textured White
Soft White
Gesso White
Off White

Exterior Finishes

Timeless aesthetics meet outdoor performance standards in these durable finishes. Complementing any exterior design style, each finish has been tested for UV and weather resistance to ensure the quality never fades.

Forged Iron
Vintage Bronze
Polished Brass
Textured Black
French Iron


Our handcrafted ceramic finish has a diverse appearance with an innately organic quality and texture. As precious as an artifact, each ceramic piece adds an artisanal touch to contemporary interiors.


Genuine buttery leather with a rustic, heritage feel. The warm tonality and supple texture make this finish enduringly stylish for all interiors.